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The Best and The Shortest Microsite Platform for Bio-Link!

it's not just a Bio-Link

A microsite is not about a put many links into one URL, you can also create and place many content and creative yourself with more content inside your microsite.

Have an Event? can be a solution for your event. Use the components we provided, like a countdown, maps, and anything to make your event page more valuable and convincing.

Impress your customer

With the microsite component, it will be easier for you to place lots of product links from e-commerce, placing product catalogs on your micro site, making it easier for customers to interact. This microsite is also very suitable for those of you who have an offline store by adding embedded maps features

Make your own

Your microsite can represent you by showcasing the skills and knowledge you have acquired over the years and demonstrating your personal style and aesthetic. In addition, you can include a portfolio of your work, which gives visitors an insight into your capabilities, experience, and creativity.

What's includes?

We provide some components for your microsite links


Share your links and set in one places. microsite image


Your microsite is not all about links, you can also place some images to it. microsite embed

Embed Links

Embed media in popular platform right on your microsite. links


Place and share the location on your microsite. microsite countdown


Create the countdown and place in to your microsite, it's also best practice if you have an event. microsite more

Many More

More components are available on our microsite feature!

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